Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Vacation

This summer I went to SPIES for two weeks. Today I got a freeze pop. This time when I went to spies everything is different. My teacher is a second-grade teacher at SPIES but she is a third-grade teacher during the year. My math teacher is very strict and she wears aprons every day with her outfits. On Saturday and Sunday I am going to be at a hotel. I was going to go to Atlantic City but my dad changed his mind because my dad got a coupon. So I am excited to go because they have a pool and fancy breakfast. So I am happy because my sister Camille will play with me. My ballet recital was recent and it was called "Tennis Everyone." My costume was white with a puffy tutu. I had to wear white ballet shoes, suntan tights and socks. So, I was a little nervous but I was excellent.